This is the most difficult question I had to answer in the last couple of days, mainly because our presentations are soon and I feel like I didn’t really have time to reflect on the things I have done.

What I can say though is that I expected my thesis to be something else. I thought my thesis is the work that I want to pursue as a career track. Instead my thesis is a project that I did – during the last two semesters as a graduate student. But that is the very reason I can not look at my thesis without looking at the two years I spent studying Interaction Design in a country I never lived in before.

I learned so many things in these two years that I am sometimes afraid of forgetting. I want to put the two years in a shelf so that I can go back to it and remember the great environment I studied in, the smart people I learned with and the many inspirations I had. What I did learn in those two years is that I enjoy working in the following three fields the most: visual design, system thinking and storytelling. Those are reflected in my thesis. I truly enjoyed working on that topic, a system that tells the best stories written: the personal story about life.

I will probably add thoughts in that section, when I have time to reflect, for now I can answer the question with what did I learn? I became an interaction designer and that changed my life.

I want to finish with a quote by Jonathan Harris that really inspired me. It reflects the work I have done but also reflects all the wonderful things that happen if you are not afraid of changing your life entirely.

“No matter what you do in your live, your career, whether you have a family or kids, or you make a lot of money [...] your greatest creation is always going to be your life story, because it is like this container that holds all the other things” — Jonathan Harris1

  1. said in his movie “Today”↩]